Lago Martiánez, the footprint of the genius César Manrique in Tenerife

When you talk about tourism in Tenerife and what to do in Puerto de la Cruz the first name that comes to mind is the Costa Martiánez resort, better known as Lago Martiánez. The genius rabbit maker Cesar Manrique also left his mark on the island of Tenerife with this masterpiece on the coast of Puerto de la Cruz and obviously you can not miss on your visit to Tenerife.

What exactly is Lago Martianez?

Lago Martiánez is the conformation of 7 artificial swimming pools of marine water in a surface of 100,000 square kilometers integrated in a tourist complex and a leisure area with multitude and variety of cultural activities referring to the insular and national tourism. Once again, the artist Manrique knew how to perfectly integrate the work of the human being and the idyllic characteristics of the environment of the Canary Islands, in this case, Tenerife. For many, these are the best artificial pools in Europe.

Moreover, this construction is the epicenter of tourism in Puerto de la Cruz and one of the main tourist assets of the area. The complex has space for bars and restaurants, a very large solarium, terraces, viewpoints and many other services so that you can spend a pleasant day in this magical place.  Such is the beauty of the place that it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, as well as being the place chosen for select events and of great relevance to society as the Miss Europe contest in 1979.


Interesting facts about Lago Martiánez

Opening hours

The most relevant thing you should know to go to Lago Martiánez is the opening hours: In summer the schedule is from 10:00 to 19:00, while in winter it closes an hour earlier, at 18:00.



The price of admission to the venue varies according to some factors. The first of these is whether or not you are a resident of the Canary Islands. For non-resident adults (general admission) the price is 5.00 euros, while for resident adults it is 3.00 euros. For children (up to 10 years old) the price is 2.50 euros for non-residents, and 1.50 euros for residents.



It is located in Avenida de Colón, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.