Las Palmas Carnival allegory in 2020

Great Carnival and Parade of Las Palmas

The great Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, one of the oldest and most historic festivals in Spain. From 1521 until today, it is considered one of the best carnivals in the Canary Islands and Spain, being declared a Festival of Tourist and National Interest.

The influence of visitors to these festivals has made the island a quality tourist enclave that provides it with different cultural contrasts and influences the number of participants in the Carnival increases every year.

For the Canaries, this is not just another party, it is a lifestyle that catches on from the youngest to the oldest people: to the rhythm of batucadas, comparsas (groups of dancers), murgas (with their funny lyrics and songs) and the great protagonists: the Carnival Queens, both children and seniors, including the Great Queen and Drag Queens, with no doubt, the pride of our land.

Thanks to these last participants, who put magic and originality not only in their costumes but also in their high platform heels (more than 50 centimeters), Gran Canaria has become a destination for tourist that comes to enjoy Drag Queen shows on first hand.

Every year, an allegory is chosen for the Carnival, this one being ''Once upon a time in Las Palmas'' with the theme of stories, so we can enjoy with masks, feathers, lots of colours and lots of glitter set in the most famous stories in books.

The carnival of Las Palmas is, with no doubt, a great attraction for both visitors and residents of the Canary Islands, as many of them travel between islands to enjoy the Carnival parade. 

The dates for its celebration are between February 7th and March 1st; so, as our slogan says: 

Put on your costume and enter the carnival!

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